I upgraded one of the last servers we had going from nw5.1.7 to nw6.5.4.
The update went fine. on reboot however, the server freezes after the
[Assumed OK] is displayed for the local drive. I must then basically turn
it off, but after rebooting, it comesup fine. If I shut it down correctly
and try again it hangs. The second try always works. I found an old
thread about this from 04, but the OP thought it was portlock, and it
didn't seem to get resolved. Portlock at that time told him to delete all
but the ide drivers from startup.ncf and after chkdsk ing the cdrive,
hddetect would run. I tried this and it basically never fired hddetect,
so it coame up with no drivers. I restored my org startup.ncf and it is
back to second time's a charm. The server is an HP ml530 G2 with a 5302
array controller. It has worked flawlessly for several years as nw5.1. I
downloaded what is supposed to be the HP support paq and it says the
driver present are the same or newer so it won't run. Any thoughts?