Trying to install NW65 SP6 on a new, clean server (HP Proliant DL380G5) to
prepare for Migration. Using NW65SP6OS CD. Install works great through
the copy process to c:nwserver. GUI starts, I select "Pre-Migration"
configuration, insert the Products CD (Disk 2) and it copies the files.
GUI asks for server name, I enter a "234" name for temporary use. When
clicking Next, the wristwatch appears and stays - OVERNIGHT! No abends
on console screen.

Network cable is attached to switch, but IP was never bound to board. I
manually bound the board with a new IP address for that subnet thinking it
was trying to look at the existing network. Didn't make any difference
(tried this after a forced restart and reinstall).

Server will not respond. Cannot Down, but can get into DEBUG mode.

Any ideas?
Thank you!