I am using the X-Console Installer to remove many of the management
components so that I can reinstall them fresh from the CD's.

For some reason I cannot access the iManager after installing BorderManager
3.9, and indeed the entire administrative webpages do not display.. Since
Apache/Tomcat aren't used for anything else, I completely removed BM3.9,
iManager, plus tomcat and apache2.

However, it appears Apache2 did not completely clean up after itself. It
left behind the following item in the AUTOEXEC.NCF:


The program doesn't really reveal what it's for in the module info, but
elsewhere I see it's used as an Apache page cache and request accelerater.
So why to the installer leave this behind when I removed Apache?

And why are all the apache and tomcat directories still on the server's SYS
volume after the software has been removed? I'll probably have to rename
those to prevent the reinstall from reusing the old corrupt configurations
that I was trying to refresh in the first place.