I am planning on adding another server to my tree to be my iFolder
server for around 700 people, on average about 250-300 users logged on
at once. I will be to attaching it to a NAS via iSCSI for the bulk of
the storage, but using the onboard SAS raid for the system files. I
dont have any immediate plans for this server to do anything else
besides iFolder and OES but as soon as my main file server gets too old
I will migrate everything to this new server. My old server is a 6.5
server that only does file storage, printing via NDPS, and iManager.

The two systems I am looking at are basically the same except server 1
has two QUAD cores 2.33GHZ CPUs and 8gb of ram and server 2 has two DUAL
cores 2.0GHZ CPUs and 4gb of ram. There is around a $1000 difference
between the two servers which I can afford but do I really need it. I
like to have more than enough when it comes to servers but I also dont
like to blow money on a server that I will never ever use.

So any thoughts or suggestions?