I am after some advice. I have NW6.5 SP6, one tree, one master and 3 rw
replicas. In total I have 7 NW servers. What I would like to know is
whether I need to define a scope or not and if I do then whether the
workstations need to know what it is.

I have read on the forums that you do not need to have a scope defined or
someone else is saying to define a scope but you do not need to configure
the scope name on the workstations as it is only for servers. Then I came
across these TIDs:


My current setup is I have a scope name and all the workstations have it
manually put in. So if I do not need to have a scope name then what is
the easiest way to take this out, there are a lot of workstations.

Thanks for any tips etc...