My server meets the hardware requirements to do a Netware consolidation.
I have an existing Novell 5.0 server which is functioning perfectly and I
don't want to Change anything in nds. Or as little as possible.I want to
slowly copy the same exact data from the old server to the new Novell 6.5
server without erasing the original data, so it will continue to run until
I'm ready to cut over. the name of my nds tree is new_start_group. Can I
install netware 6.5 to a brand new server, then add it to the existing
novell 5.0 nds tree without upgrading NDS? There is no reason for the 5.0
server to see 6.5 nds objects. I need to be able to copy all the data from
the 5.0 server to the 6.5 server and then test it. I need to do this at my
leisure because there are many programs to reinstall. I assume I can start
by using the Novell 6.5 install discs? and calling my new server 50
Greene, because the name of the original server is greene to allow them to
coexist till the consolidation is finished. Is there anything special I
have to do while I am installing the Novell 6.5 server? I am brainstorming
ideas about how to get this done. But I am unsure where to begin. I also
have no idea what the overlay cds are for. Help appreciated,