Netware 6.5 SP6
IANS 8.19
E1000.LAN 8.24
(both from the latest download from Intel)

HP2900 Firmware T.12.06

I made a team of three E1000 adapters, mode=ad (LACP)
On the HP2900 i made a LACP trunk.

On boot of the server, a lot works, but not everithing (details
later). Then i disconnect one cable, wait a few seconds and reconnect
the cable and everything works.

What does'n work after boot:

- Connection to a server at another location does not work, we see
this first from failing time synchronisation.
- A ping to all routers on the way only works to the first connecting
switch-IP (hop-1), not to the other IP of this switch, not to 2 fiber
switches, not to the first IP of another HP2900 switch, Then (!!) it
does reply from the second IP of this remote HP2900, but not from the
remote server. So on boot, only ping replies from hop 1 and 6 of a 7
hop connection. After disconnecting and reconnecting one of the
cable's everything works.

Any suggestions

Thomas Roes
There is no one at thomasr1@xs4all.nl