I am preparing to do a migration from our current Netware 6.5 file server
to the a new server this weekend. This is only a hardware upgrade (the
server will stay at Netware 6.5 and all services will be the same). When
looking over the migration documentation, I ran across the following

"Migration Wizard does not migrate any products and services that are
running on the source server. After migration is complete, you need to
reinstall all applications on the destination server and reconfigure them,
if necessary."

I'm assuming if I do a complete file system migration from the old to the
new, all my applications will go right along with it, correct? But this
statement made me question that. Surely I won't have to reinstall
Groupwise, ZenWorks, Symantec AV, etc. ... right?? My understanding was
that if I copy the entire sys and data volumes, all my load files and
config should go with it.

I have only ever done a migration in a classroom setting so I wanted to
get expert input.