I just finished installing Novell 6.5.
The install completed properly but it didn't ask for additional
product discs to install the overlay cd.
It also didn't ask to install additional volumes.
So far I just have the default SYS: and _adm volumes.
I also have no idea how to add the FILES=50 statement in config.sys.
I installed caldera dr. Dos system files before the Netware install on
a 1,200 meg dos partition. 1 gig 200 meg. 200mb + 1 meg per each meg of
ramm, per the 1 gig of ramm in my server. if i do a dir from c: it shows
config.sys. But if i type in edit c:config.sys it returns a file not found
error. Don't know if that is really important because Netware 6.5 boots up
fine without any errors.
To remain in dos if i want I have to tap the esc key. still can i add the
overlay cd sp to the server still after the install? Also how do I go
about creating addition Volumes? I need to still create a apl: and Dat:
Sys: is 4GB and the dos partition is a gig. I also tested the server by
specifying the new_start_llc tree while connecting to a pc via crossover
I can see the sys: and _adm volumes remotely. the reason i am keeping this
server in a separate tree is to test it and recreate all the users and
groups. So I can slowly migrate all the data from a 5.0 server with
minimal to no interruptions. so far only the admin user exists. how do i
go about creating additional volumes?
Help appreciated,