Just installed a Dell PE 2900 in pre migration mode this afternoon using the
NW 65sp6 ISO cd's. Seemed to go just fine , copied all files required from
both Cd's.
After the reboot the Raid driver "Mega_Sas.ham" will not initialize. No
volumes /partions found and of course no volumes mount. Wierd that the
install completed , I watched the files copying to the sys volume....
mega_sas.ham dated 9-2006 , back reved it to 3-2003 from dell s web site.
Same problem
Dell Raid virtual volume is 1.6 tb with a hot spare, using the Perc 5i and
SAS drives.
During the pre migration install I created a 20 g SYS and acouple other
volumes , the largest being 1.1 Tb.
Called Dell Novell tech support , the only question he asked was
"did I burn the .iso using a slow speed"

I could do this and reinstall , anyone got any ideas !!!!! ?

Thanks in advance ,