I am planning a server migration this weekend , to replace aging hardware.
Novell 6.5 sp6 and GW 6.5sp 3.
I have over 200 gig of data . I don't want to use the mig wizard to copy
I think it will be quicker to restore "data" from our LTO3 and Arcserve 11.1
Current full backups run about 4-5 hours
My plan is to just migrate SYS and NDS , lotta legacy queues...
Reload extra products, then Arcserv . Restore user data and Groupwise data
the same named volumes on the new server , then reload GW.
I am counting on Arcserv to restore data and trustee rights ,
since the new server will have same name and volume structure as old

Does this plan sound OK ??
Thanks in advance,