Hi Everyone... I have been "living" with Netware Servers basically all my
professionnal life . Stability is a word that I would say Novell invented
in the file server world... anyway... My company is now running for the
last 7 years Netware 5.0 .

The time has come to change the hardware and also the file server OS
because basically we have to update our backup software (Backupexec V9)
that do not support disater recovery of an active directory controller on
windows 2003..and with this new version of backupexec, it does not support
an agent for netware 5...so

It's along story but we use Netware as our file server, but use Exchange
and MS CRM as our mail and customer relationship software.. SO I am
running in a Netware directory AND Active directory configuration..

I am being asked THE question about why continue with Netware and not just
go with Windows 2003 Server...Well I know the answer to this one but I
would like to bring some more "meat" to the table so that we can continue
with netware... This is where you guys come in...

I have successfully passed my CNE in 1997 (V4) and lived with V5 for many
years but I am very much out of the loop as for the newest features or 6.5.

Here's what I use and what I would like to eliminate and hopefully you can
answer these for me...here we go..

I use:

1) NAL since V4 to distribute application and fixes... this is a must.
2) NDPS. This is just fantastic to install a printer to someone...again
this needs to continue
3) security.. I use of course groups for file security but sometimes (very
rarely) I have no choice to use inherited rights filters...

I need to remove:

1) the Netware Client.. Having a mixed environment (netware directory and
microsoft active directory) has forced me to have the nwgina. This creates
sometimes delays when accessing network drives.. I have read and apply
this fix : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/171386 but with partial
success... So for me the best way would be to eliminate the novell
redirector all together.. I have seen about a product called Native file
access from novell, but I think it was for Netware 5.1.. IS it possible
with 6.5 ?

Now would 6.5 answer all my wishes... I mean if I remove the client, am i
still able to call the nal application launcher (or whatever it has been
changes for) ??

We are a multinational company and in the futur I will have to give access
to files on the server to people around the world... So I do not want to
install a client to them... A VPN connection will be available for them.

I know , it's a long post, but reading the all good comments about this
forums makes me beleive that this should not pose a problem :-) ..