Hello. I'm needing some help in upgrading from nw65 sp5 to sp6. I'm
using nwconfig and during the file copying process I get to 33%
complete and get the following error:

"An error occurred while parsing file
Sys:nw65sp6\sp\install\silent.ics", line 253, at or near word or symbol
"CF_OPENFILE". Error description: Syntax error. (nwconfig-6-232).

Press <Enter> to continue.

I press enter to continue and it takes me back to my nwconfig screen. I
have multiple nw65sp5 servers inplace. So far I have been successful in
upgrading 7 servers to sp6 while 3 servers have failed giving me the
errors above.

Any help in telling me where I need to look would be appreciated. I
have already read threads on similiar issue but they're not on SP6.
Thanks in advance.

Is this a bug in the upgrade process?