I recently upgraded 2 servers in my tree from NetWare 6.5 SP2 to 6.5 SP6.
I am planning on upgrading the rest over the next month or two. Ever
since doing this, my timesync is getting all out of wack. If I don't look
at it for a day or two and check timesync (for example over the weekend),
almost all of the servers are out of sync, off by 5 to 7 seconds. I
haven't made any changes to timesync parameters or anything since the 2
server upgrades. Any ideas?

Here is my layout.

Reference server (SP2) - gets time from 2 external time sources
Primary (SP2) and Primary (SP6)
Secondary (SP2) - one server in here is at SP6

The Secondarys have the 2 Primary servers listed to get their time - with
the SP2, then SP6 server listed..

The Primary (SP6) server holds the master replica of the root of the tree
and was the first server I upgraded. The reference and other primary
server do not have any replicas on them..

Please help.. 8(