Ok, So I'm going to be cloning my servers over to new DELL PowerEdge
2950s using Portlock Storage Manager. (Insert groans from the Compaq
fans in the audience.) ;^)

Here's the problem, on the existing server I have no difficulty
copying the new NBI.NLM to the nwserver directory in order to have that
server ready for the LSI SAS RAID controller. The NBI.NLM has a problem
with initialization with that controller and on my fresh install on the
new 2950 I can't get it to boot usably.

My question is how do I access the C: on the RAID array to copy the
NBI.NLM there on the new server that won't boot so that I could use
toolbox or startx?

I can't use BartPE because the PE2950 doesn't have Windows XP Pro drivers.


P.S. I need to get the new server up in a temporary install of Netware
6.5 so that I can use Storage Manager to clone it across. I cannot use
the Portlock boot CDs because version 3.36 doesn't support the SAS
controller and 4.01 and 4.02 don't seem to work right. I get compression
and checksum errors cloning.