We're running NetWare 6.5 SP6 at my office, and I was looking to setup a
similar network for basic file sharing at my home. Currently, I often use
BM3.8 Client to Site VPN from home to access files located on my office
servers – as well as to send files from home to the work servers.

As I was planning the deployment of my NetWare box at home, I was trying
to figure out how I'd be able to access my home files and work files
simultaneously if I were to move my home files onto a NetWare box in a
different tree than the work server).

Oh and I'm really not setup to do Site-to-Site VPN (which obviously would
allow me to have my home and work servers installed in the same tree and
thus avoid this situation) since my home ISP bandwidth restrictions would
surely get me kicked off their network in no time.

So, is it possible to be authenticated to these two trees at once somehow
so that I could access both file servers simultaneously (one locally, and
one via VPN)?

Thanks for your help,