Good Day,

I have the following setup on our network:
1 Netware 6.5 SP5 server
1 Windows 2003 SP2 server
Edirectory (installed on both servers)
Groupwise 6.5.7 (installed on the Windows 2003 server)
200 users

Our main server is the Netware box. It contains all of the user files
and is the master server for eDirectory. I have been asked to reload it
to clean it up since we moved Groupwise off of it and have eliminated
several other software programs and volumes from the server. I would
like to know what would be the best way to remove NDS, reload the server
with a clean version of Netware 6.5 and then restore NDS? I have removed
IPX from everything on the network with the exception of the server
itself. Is there anything regarding this that I should prepare for? If
you have done this and have any suggestions, guides, or simply things to
watch out for I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance.