Thanks for your time to read this.

I don't do many of these so I forget how!

I have a system that is Netware 6 SP 2
I want to upgrade to 6.6. SBS
I purchase 15 licenses for 6.5x.

After the system is loaded I loaded the CD
load cd9660.nss
1.. At the server GUI console (X Server -- Graphical Console screen),
click Novell > Install.

2.. On the Installed Products page, click Add.

3.. When the Source Path page appears, browse to the location of your
Novell Small Business Suite 6.6 software.

4.. Select the file, then click OK

Then I get the health summary screen.

It says : "OS Version; the netware version of this server is not
supported for this upgrade, version 6.0.2.

What can I do?

I could not find any support packs for NW 6.0.

Can you direct me on what to do