I'm in the process of upgrading my 3 - Nw5.1sp8 servers to Nw6.0 sp5 (
yes.. I'm a little behind on updates ). The probelm I'm having is I only
have one Nw6.0 SLA unlimited Education license disk. When I install this
license on the second server, it was remove from the first. After further
research, I found a TID saying each server needs a separate license.
The Novell Customer Center sent me an Nw 6.0 license, however, it was only
for 1 units and nobody can log in. They said this is all they can send me
and if should work, but it doesn't. On the license I have, under the
policy tab for " install units " is unlimited. On the one they sent is 1.
I do have and have been paying for a SLA so all my license is current,
however, since Nw6 is old, it's not one of my choices on the download list.

Any ideas ???