I've got a Dell PowerEdge 2950 server that I am migrating a Netware 6.0
installation to. I am out of ports on my rack terminal, so I disconnected
one of the cables and have been moving it between servers, plugging it
into the video and usb jacks on the front of the servers. This works fine
on Windows 200X servers and also works fine on the Netware server when in
DOS mode, before Netware loads. I checked the bios and USB is set for All
Ports Active, the other options being Rear Ports Active or No Ports
Active. So, any idea how to get Netware to see the front ports after it
loads? Having to plug this cable in the back when I need to move things
is a pain. I will have a permanent cable to plug in after the migration
is done, so this is a temporary situation but one I find disconcerting.

Thanks for the look.