This might sound like a stupid question and I assume the
answer is probably yes.
But just to make sure I started out with one server called Greene.
This server is in a tree by it self called new_start_group.
It is a Novell 5.0 server. I created another server called 50Greene.
I installed it into a tree called new_start_llc. It is a Novell 6.5
server. If I put this server onto my switch where the other server and
tree exist, I assume since they have different names and are installed in
separate trees they will not conflict with one another? if that is correct
i assume i can move the workstations over to the new server by simply
changing the tree and context in the novell client properties. I want to
do this to restore the data from a backup tape to the new server. This is
to migrate my data from the 5.0 server to the 6.5 server without any
downtime. We have these stinky travan drive backing up with nt backup from
a workstation. So I assume that if I put the station with the travan
backup drive into the new_start_llc tree I can restore the data from the
5.0 server backup to the volumes on the new 6.5 server. I really want to
put together a server dlt backup but this company is killing me by
limiting my budget.

Thanks for your help,