I have two separate novell trees on one switch.
I have one tree new_start_group on a Novell 5.0 server.
I have another tree a Novell 6.5 oes server I introduced to the network
this morning. It is in the tree new_start_llc.
Now in addition to the synthetic time error I am getting a strange sap
on both server consoles 8-27-2007 10:07:46 am
IPXRTR-6-.70-4 60:1.38 SAP router configuration error detected. node
00c09f10BD5F (GREENE) claims network address 2C15F7B9 should be 88491073.

I am not aware I am using sap on either server.
So far just like the annoying synthetic time error this is just another
annoyance. This message is being issued but both trees and servers are
still functioning. Should I be concerned about this? And how would I go
about correcting it. I may run both servers in tandem till I test all the
server apps.

Help appreciated,