Running netware 6.5 SP6. Over the past few weeks we have had a number
of users who have lost rights to folders on one particular server.
Removing them from the appropriate group and then putting them back in
does work dynamically on some occassions. Most of the time the user has
to logout and then back in again to see the folder. I can also create a
new group, assign rights and users and the folders aren't visible until
logging back in again. I have checked to ensure all the correct
attributes are set ie member attributre, group membership etc. Have
also tried different versions of C1 (e & f) with the same result.

Assigning rights to folders on other servers works fine. There have
also been times when the user has disappeared from the group entirely.

Any thoughts on how this can be resolved? Is it something to do with
the NSS volumes on that server?