This may be a stupid question, but is there a way to segregate traffic on
servers with multiple NIC's ?

I have eight NW6SP5 servers, all attached to the same Cisco 6506 switch with
dual, ether-channeled NIC's.

Five of those servers get backed up every night using Tapeware.

I got the brilliant idea of adding a third Gigabit NIC to the servers that
get backed up, and then tying those five servers together on a discrete
gigabit switch with their own "private" IP subnet.
My goal was to remove the data flow for the backup from the "public" network
that everyone uses to access the servers; kind of like a poor man's SAN for

I can specify which IP address to use for the Tapeware agents.
I made sure that all the servers had IP forwarding disabled in INETCFG.
I added the "private" IP address in the SLP excluded addresses list of the
five servers.

The good news: It works and the gigabit link has dramatically reduced the
backup time.

The bad news: Logging in to the servers takes forever and users will get a
lot of these types of errors:

LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-890: The specified server is unknown.
LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-430: The following drive mapping operation could not be
The error code was 8884.

Given that the errors and slowdown disappear when the Gigabit NIC's are
unbound tells me that I'm either missing something in the setup, or that it
can't be done.

I can manually bind the NIC, load the Tapeware application , run the backup
and then unload and unbind again, but I'd really prefer to find a more
elegant solution...