I too disable HTT on all my servers due to weird random crashes. There is a
tid on this!

"Jeffrey D Sessler" <jeff@scrippscollege.edu> wrote in message
> Make sure that if your server supports hyper-threading (listed as logical
> processors in some BIOS), that you disable it. I noticed a random
> performance hit on our servers during backup and as soon as I disabled HT,
> the problem went away.
> Jeff
> "Eduard V. Leukhin" <I.dont@want.spam> wrote in message
> news:SvpBe.5777$Hc7.1084@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com...
>> hello!
>> I'm fighting for a several months with unexpectable sudden decrease of
>> backup performance, and noticed that even I can start sequentially
>> (one-just after-one with no changes and no wait) three backup-emulations
>> (TSATEST.NLM), and one of them should be with throughoutput about 50
>> Mb/min. Other tries go with 500 Mb/min average throughoutput. Network
>> backups are mainly affected. When I start TSATEST and use it with local
>> server data, I can try 10 times, and never seen loss of throughoutput.
>> Please, anyone, help! What it can be? I don't know what to monitor to
>> determine if it is network or disk subsystem problem, please give advice,
>> if you can. I have not great expirience with Netware, so I just dont know
>> how does the whole procedure work in details, to know where might be a
>> "bottleneck". But yes, not even a "bottleneck" (because if it is
>> constatnly slow - it's another case), but rather "root of
>> unstability".... How to determine?
>> P.S.
>> used NW6SP5+NSS5b patch