According to Novell documentation for OES, Netware, NSS etc., the
"Archive needed" attribute applies only to files and not to directories
or folders.

NWadmin and C1 do not show this attribute for folders - but in Windows
Explorer, NRM and Netstorage you will find this attribute and you can
set it via NRM and Netstorage, too. If you create new folders on NSS
volumes via Windows Explorer they automatically get the "Archive
needed" attribute set - on Traditional Netware volumes this is not set.

But this attribute has no influence on the work of Novell SMS. TSAFS
seemingly ignores this attributes and does not reset them during
backups - contrary to TSAFS's behaviour regarding the same attribute
for files.

Did anybody observe this behaviour, too.

I would not have any objection against this attribute applied to
folders, but to the fact, that it is not reset by the backup software.
This has lead to the situation, that I have got an enormous number of
folders showing this attribute during the last year, despite of the
fact, that these folders were backed up repeatedly in the meantime.
Which in fact leaves this attribute meaningless.

W. Prindl