Hello, All..

I'm hoping someone can shed light on this problem>..

Server: New Gateway 9510 series, dual Xeon 3GHz HT Disabled, 4GB memory,
Seagate/Certance DAT-72 SCSI Tape drive. System: OES Netware SP1 (Netware
6.5 SP4)

Problem: Attempt to backup using SBCON, I am able to change media name,
and set everything up for backup. When backup executes, it runs OK for
about 5 - 15 minutes (time and place varies) then it fails with the
following error: "SMSDI unable to write to the media. Check if the media
is write protected. TSA error code: fffcffce". I have tried a different
cassette, swapped the tape drive for another DAT-72 drive (identical
model), checked DIP switches on drive, changed SCSI channel, and updated
drive firmware, plus backreved TSA to v600... no changes.

I installed Yosemite TapeWare Backup software on this machine, and ran a
test backup. It went through the entire backup/verify process with no
problems. However I would prefer to use SBCON if possible as this server
will be hosting a GroupWise Post Office.

I have a nearly-identical server in service (single processor and 2GB
RAM, otherwise hardware and software the same) and this machine has had
no problem backing up using SBCON. Could this be some obscure hardware
issue, or a bug in TSA or SMS, because of the dual-processor? I have seen
others post the same or similar errors with DAT-72 drives before, but no
resolutions.. Any ideas?


Any ideas