This is a status update to another post, but thought some people might find it helpfu, so I reposted it as a main topic. Please let me know if anyone has successfully gotten this combo to work. Otherwise, we are looking at MANY SCSI-3 purchases for our ML350 G4 boxes.

HP told us today that the integrated dual channel SCSI Ultra320 HBA
(268351-B-21) is not supported by HP when used with NetWare 6.5. We were
told to purchase the Ultra-3 SCSI card instead (284688-B21) and use the
atpt160m.ham driver with it. They said this is why ARCServe won't load..

In most cases, this indicates that there is no driver loaded for the
scsi card that has the tape drive on it.

On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 15:24:17 GMT, wrote:

>After migrating to a new server NW65SP4a when I try to load arcserve i get
>the message EA000 Failed Host Adapter Initialization Anyone see this
>before and what is the fix? Going back to an older driver?