Having just read the thread titled 'HP Ultrium 960, ML370 G3 and NW6'
dated the 19th Sept 05, I'm hoping for some similar info regarding my setup.

Using BE9.1 on a DL380 G4/NW6.5SP3 and have many SCSI bus timeouts
(usually when doing full backups), was advised to put Ultrium 215
External on a secondary controller, so now running on this controller


however have just noticed this isn't supported on netware? although does
load fine with lsimptnw.ham

Could the source of my problems be the undisclosed CPQSCSA issues? Would
the tape drive be OK/better on the external port of the SmartArray 6i?
Currently only have 3 x 72GB disks in a RAID 5 config, bays 0-2 inc.

Sometimes backups will work fine for 3 or 4 weeks, then may have SCSI
timeouts each night with a reboot each daytime to clear the bus for a
week before they start working again - may work for 1 night before
failing or another few weeks. No pattern that I can discern.

Any assistance would be most appreciated as I have exhausted every
avenue I can think of!