My boss want to do a real disaster recovery test in our production
environment for a server. He doesn't w

I don't want to loose anything and I would like to do this Disaster
Recovery as simple as possible.

Server OS version : Netware 6.5sp3

I'm thinking of power off the server, install a new one with the same
information according to this TID 10016775 (SERVDATA.NDS), restore data on
the new server. When everything will be OK, power off this new server
(and never Power ON again), then Power ON the original server.

I have some questions.

1- Can I use this TID do to what I want with Netware 6.5?
Using the SERVDATA.NDS file for disaster recovery (TID 10016775)

2- When the disaster recovery test will be done, can I bring the original
server without any problems?

Thank you.