I seem to have a big problem with Brightstor 11.5 on a Windows 2000 server
and running the Brightstor 11.1 SP1 client for Netware.

The inital backup goes fine, i.e. all netware system files and groupwise
gets backed up properly. BUT when I go back into Brightstor 11.5 and try to
deselect some directories that are in the job for backing up the netware 6.5
SP4a server I can't access the directories. (i.e. I can see the directories,
but not the contents.)

IF I unload tsands, tsafs, tsafsgw, smsstop then reload the above modules
then run nwagent on the netware server I can see the directories on the
Brightstor 11.5 windows server.

What is the latest version of the AS 11.1 client agent for netware and are
there any updates to the tsa's for Netware 6.5 sp4a?