We use Arcserve 11.1 for NetWare.
Arcserve runing on NetWare 6.5 sp 4 with n65nss4b.exe installed.
I'm trying to backup NSS & TFS volumes with more then 4 Gb of data to
File System Device (HDD).
During the proccess of backup the file with backuped data grows only
to 4 Gb.
Arcserve writes into the log file that backup was successful.
But the compare session failed with the following error:

E1058 Failed to read from media - No data detected

We get the same problems when backing another NetWare servers (5.0, 5.1)
through CA NWagent.

There is a string on BrightStor ARCserve Tape Server screen on Netware
server console:

Tape Server is running with limited functionality

Could you please advise me how to overcome 4 Gb limit on size of file
with backup.

Thanks for any help,