Background - we've been using Arcserve for years, currently backing up a
single 5.8/SP8 server onto tape. About a year ago, we bought an
inexpensive IDE drive, USB-connected to a workstation, and a version of
Retrospect for home office, apparently the better of two "home" versions
of their product. Retrospect works like a champ, and finding old
versions of files has been a pleasure.

Retrospect has a competitive upgrade which we're considering. We've
just added two 6.5 servers to our environment and will be backing up all
three boxes, and this is a good time for us to make a switch.
Retrospect's server version comes with full Netware support, they say.
We're also adding a Windows Server to run some dedicated SQL server
applications and need to back that up as well.

About 20 users, all XP workstations, all C32, have never backed up
workstations and probably won't.

Opinions, war stories, etc., cordially invited.

Thanks in advance.