Did anybody observe the same behaviour?

BE 9.1 NW 6.5SP4a GW 6.5SP5 using the TSAFS /enablegw=yes setting to
backup Groupwise databases.

If the backup user for the job (as seen in the
SYS:BKUPEXEC\JOBDATA\0n.BKS\xxxx_nnnnnn file) is a simple user name
e.g.: "SERVER.NetWare File System:USER" backup is working fine with no

If the same job has a qualified user name like "SERVER.NetWare File
System:.USER.OU.O", (which in fact is the same user as before) BE 9.1
backs up the same files but is unable to timestamp the user databases
of Groupwise (USERxxx.db) and receives 0x8201 errors for each user
database. This is seen as fatal error by BE 9.1 and therefore the
backup is treated as failed and no Archive bits are reset.

I do not know, why this happens as described, but if anybody has the
same issue it's worth to look at the jobs in the jobdata directory via
editor (or edit.nlm) and change user names to simple ones. This has
definitively solved the issue for me.

W. Prindl