my problem is folowing:
When the backup starts, the message "Failed to begin scan for directory
xxx " ret=fffdffd1, conn=1 appears on ARCserve message screen , and
backup on actual volume fails.(ARC serve goes to next volume on list)
My system is NW6.5 sp4, Brightstore 9.01 with the patchh 1(Computer
Associates QO53395 fix)
I try to solve this for long time, but now , I don't know anyhikng else ,
what I can do.I'm very confused ....
There is the steps , I have done (in the time order, i thing):
1.Instalation of NW 6.5 sp2 (from the overlay cd)
2.installation ARC 9.00 - problems appears
3.upgrade ARC 9.00 to 9.01
3.upgrade NW65 to sp3
4.upgrade ARCserve, applying CA ARCserve QO45869 fix - patch 1
5.upgrade NW65 to sp4
Now I have NW6.5 with latest sp, Brightstore ARCserve 9.01, with latest
sp , and problems still complicate my live ...:-)))
Please, can anybody hlep me????
Thak you very much