The full details are in a thread same subject, 06 Nov 2005 12:18:59 GMT, without
solutions howto track down the issue.

So please let me ask in a new thread:

The problem is fact for two identical Proliant ML 350 G4 3,4GHz, 1Gig RAM servers
and started with applying NW6.5SP3, and 100% persists up to now

Using the TAPESVR option do do testbackups with lots of sessions per tape is
running for hours without any problem. That's why I could imagine that could be a
problem *retrieving* the data, not *writing* to tape (wrong error message...)

unloading CIFS was a hint in some other thread, didn't help at all.

- Are there certain Arcserve (tapesvr load switchese.g.) or NetWare tools
available to track down this issue?

regards, Rudi