Environment :

Compaq Proliant ML-370 PIII 1.266 with Ultra Scsi-3
Netware 6.5 Sp3
Storage backup unit : Hp StorageWorks DAT 72x6
Software : Backup Exec 9.2 with Library Expansion Option and OFO

Last week our old AIT 35 unit died. We've changed for a Hp StorageWorks
DAT 72x6. Before buying, according the specifications from Symantec and
Novell there was no problem with this kind of machine for taking backup
and setting robotic unit in order to create partition.

In fact if it was no problem the physical installation, configuring
software was another story. In fact :

- I'm unable to set partitions because the system allways don't discover
my robotic unit ;
- I'a allways getting "0x600A - no media record" error message;
- i'm unable to change firmware with the latest tape tools from HP.

I have the all good keys (OFO, LEO and Server Option) from
Veritas/Symantec (version 9.2).

I tried changing to SCSI address on my StorageWorks without success. I
read a lot of documentation telling that this unit was not approved for
Netware, the tape tools was imperfect, etc... This morning I'm
downloading the SP4a from Novell without knowning if this will be useful
for solving my problems.

Does someone use this model and what have you done ?

Thanks for help...