About 4 months ago, we upgraded our NetWare 5.1 and 6 servers from ARCserve 7 (worst backup software ever) to Backup Exec 10. At some point, either one of my predecessors or the ARCserve install added a command to unload and reload the backup agent at about 10 am every day. I renamed the ARCserve directory so that the agent won't load and potentially conflict with Backup Exec. I have subsequently upgraded NetWare to 6.5.

Every day around 10 am, NWAGENT.NLM attempts to load. I have no idea what is causing this. It appears to behave as if CRON was running. CRON is not running and the CRONTAB file is blank. I was hoping the the NW 6.5 upgrade would alleviate this. It did not. Has anyone experienced this before or have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? I have not found any reference to NWAGENT anywhere that would cause this. Thanks.

Joshua Pitlick
Lead System Engineer
American College of Ob-Gyn
409 12th St., SW
Washington, D.C. 20090