I have a Netware site, where I have two Netware 6.5 servers.
Server A backups backup itself and Server B to Tape. Now before I
upgraded the RAID controller cards in these servers. The backup used to
The two servers used to have Adaptec 2110S cards and the two servers
were Netware 6.0.
I upgraded the cards to 2120S Raid Controllers. Then upgraded Server
B to Netware 6.5. Then Server B on every second night would just
freeze, but not totally as the monitor screen would still show the time
clicking over. But you couldn't change screens or access the server
Now since then I have upgraded the Server A to Netware 6.5, this
didn't fix the problem
I have installed patches for Brightstor 9.01. No go.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.