Ok, so we've been using a USB 2.0 hard drive for backup for some time using
Veritas Backup Exec. It's been working but has been very slower. Slower than
it should be even considering that it's using USB 2.0 to access the drive. I
found this TID which seems to have some good insight into the problem.


" To change the USB driver, find out which driver is loaded by typing m
*.CAD at the console.

Then disconnect the USB device, replace the existing driver with the new
driver, and then plug the device back in. It should not be necessary to
reboot the server. "

I have the non-USB 2.0 driver loading OHCI and support tells me that the
DELL 2650 server has 2.0 compliant ports. I can obviously disconnec the USB
device but how do you "replace the existing driver with the new driver"?
From my understanding CIOS.NLM automatically loads the USB drivers when the
server boots. Should I make a copy of EHCIDRV.NLM and replace the other
drivers with it while changing the names? What am I missing? Thanks in
advance for the help.

I'll go buy a USB 2.0 PCI card if that will help.