I have read the many discussions regarding memory issues with NetWare
6.5 and I feel that I have tuned my server to the best it can but still
when I perform a backup over 60,000 cache buffers get eaten up.

I am running NetWare 6.5 Service Pack 4a, I have TSAFS dated August 8th
2005, I have set tsafs /cachememorythreshold=1 and I am running Backup
Exec 9.2 Build 1391.

Yet when a backup is performed CPU 0 sits at 99-100% and cache is
gobbled up.

When I look at memory fragmentation it has grown but not dramatically.

The servers are in a cluster, they have dual processors and 3.5GB memory.

I have set file cache maximum size =2147483648 (as per TID 10091980).

Does anybody have any further suggestions because at the moment our
NetWare servers are acting like Windows servers and we're not happy.