(Problem originally posted in intsall/upgrade)

We have a client with SBS65, SP3, GW654, and BE91.1154 w/OFM on the system.
The client has complained of somewhat random "slowdowns" during which the
system utilization goes to 90-100% and even the server console appears to
be locked. The issue lasts between 10-30 minutes or more, and seems to
occur at ertain times more than others such as 7pm, 10pm, and mid-day.
Severity seems to vary also, as looking in with RM shows peaks that don't
hit high but still occur at these intervals.

I was recently able to jump on remotely and catch a few things which is why
I was asked to post here as a continuation. The Monitor -> Kernel ->
Busiest Threads showed:
VxNDMP_523076C0 3,xxx,xxx
httpexpthread31 3x,xxx

A novell tech stated that that was a BE thread. Now, here comes the odd
part. I checked the logger screen and it shows alot of activity creating
snapshot pools, then immediately deleting them. From the few I could see,
these events seem to generally coincide with these high CPU spikes and

Is it possible something is misconfigured, and BE is requesting snapshot
pools be taken at regular intervals? I can find no setting, timing, or
whatever to assign a schedule to such events. The backup runs at 2am, and
I'd prefer to just run a snapshot then to let the backup operate and stop
interfering with the daily operations. Can a snapshot pool creation slow
down a server this much?

Server Specs:

1G ram
2 250G SATA drives configured with NW mirroring, as chipset was NOT
supported (yes, its an Intel board too!)
Intel Pro/100 Nic

Hope this helps!