I am running ArcServe R11.1 and Netware 6.5 SP3. When Arcserve loads I
get the following warnings:

E21028 Warning - BrightStor ARCserve will load with following warning(s)

Loaded Module BTRIEVE.NLM: v7.90 , Recommended: v8.50
Loaded Module NWMKDE.NLM: v7.94 , Recommended: v8.50

When I try to restore by session it only lists the volumes and not the
files and directory's under them. I have seen a couple posting
suggesting that it is the version of btrive that is causing this
problem. I would like to upgrade this and see if this fixes my problem,
but I am not sure how to do this. Also should I upgrade nwmkde?

Thanks for the help,