Server : BAB R11.0 (Build 2670) on Win2K3 Server with SP1
Client1 : BA Netware Agent R11.1 on Netware 6.5 with SP4
4 volumes : 1 sys, 3 data volumes
Client2 : BA Netware Agent R11.1 on Netware 6.5 with SP4
1 volume : 1 data volume
both data volumes are on SAN.

When daily backup job start running, Client 1 always had the problem
with the following error message :

E8535 Failed to receive data from the client agent. (ADDRESS=
(Server_Name (, EC=10060, COMMAND=0)

The backup job will skip the rest volumes on client1 server whatever it
backup to which data volumes and then go to client 2 server. client 2
server always backup without any problem. When the backup job completed
with "Faile" status. I check back the Netware agent console. It show
the backup job still running, just freeze at that status. Can't unload
agent, The only i can do was reset server.

What I try to do in the past
1. keep tracking the "File Cache Maximum Size" TID: 10091980
set the "File Cache Maximum Size" to 2456000000

2. BTI.cfg
add MaxCacheUsage=60 TID:10097945

3. modify NSS parameter
"NSS Cache Balance Percent" from 85% to 60%

Any idea what happen? or any suggestion ?


Isaac Lee