For years we have seen very slow backup performance using ARCserve (v5 - v11.1) with NetWare (3.x - OES SP5a). We've had tape drives ranging from DAT 20/40s, VS80's, LTO Ultriums and Super DLTs (internal and external) and, to us, they are all slower than we would expect. We've used Proliant servers ranging from older 1600s through new ML350 G4 Xeon servers, as well as a quick test on Dell servers, with the same results.

We have worked with Cheyenne using their fine-tuning tips, as well as tried all of the tips here, with no real improvement. This throughput issue doesn't happen on the Proliants when running Windows or Linux with ARCserve backing themselves up. It is slow when backing up a Novell server running the NetWare client agent from a Windows server running AS 11.1. However, the throughput on that same Windows server backing up other remote Windows, SQL, and Linux servers fly (all same segment), so it truly points to NetWare. We've tried doing the file copy from NetWare to the Windows server, and then backing up to tape, but we get the same slow result during the file copy. It's at its worse when backing up the directories with many files - like NAL snapshots, GroupWise, NDPS drivers dir.... We have unloaded the virus scanner to eliminate that as an issue, with no improvement.

We are not sure where to go from here. Average throughput varies from under 100 meg/min to 380 meg/min at its very best.

What are other people seeing with their throughput rates with Novell / ARCserve? Any ideas or magic that CA has provided that helped?

We're ready to have CA come on-site to fix this as we now have 150 Gig on our headquarters server to backup and the backup runs into the morning now, slowing everybody down at this site.

Thanks for any input.