I've just purchased Dell PowerEdge 830 with an internal Dell PowerVault
100T (Travan 40) tape drive. After installing Netware 6.5 SP4a, I've
executed SBCON and learned that it does not work. The server see the
drive via List Devices, but when I schedule the backup via SBCON the
server console says it's deavtivated. Called Dell Support and they said
Novell does not support our device, so they recommend I purchase a third
party software.

Did some checking at Novell Support site and found "NetWare 6.5 Support
Pack 3 List of Fixes" that states "IDEATA.HAM does not recognize Dell's
Travan40 tape drive".


I was wondering if there's a workaround besides purchasing a third party
software or when will Novell support Dell's Travan40 tape drive?