I have a two Node Cluster with NW6.5 SP3, Legato Networker
7.1.3.Build.411 and the Legato Networker Client 4.22. We are also
running TSA600 /CLUSTE=OFF. The Networker Server is a Windows box (we
restarted theat one and also the NW boxes several times already). Backup
is runnig fine on both nodes, sheduled and direct. But each time we try
to run a restore we recive this:

Recover start time: 12-22-05 2:51p
Recovering files of client CLUSTERNODE1 to server BACKUP01.pl.n0m
Requesting 1 files, this may take a while...
RPC error, Unable to receive
Didn't recover requested file VOL1:FILES/TESTAR~1/test.DOC

Sometimes when I take a look on the Networker Client screen on the
Netware box I recive a "Can't connect to BACKUP01.pl.n0m" but when I
accept the message the client is again connected with the server.
I can ping the Networker server without any problems with FQDN, IP and
Hostname, without any Packets dropped. First I thought about a DNS
Problem to make sure that this is not the Problem I will enter static
entries into the hosts files on the client servers.

Any ideas what else it could be?