I use backup exec 10d for windows to backup my windows and netware
servers by doing a nightly incremental backup, with a full backup at the
beginning of every month. The target servers are running nw6.5sp4a with
the BE RANW running.

Problem is, every few days the incremental backups actually backup every
blessed file on the server, not just the modified files. The backup job
is set to backup by archive bit, and I have verified that the problem is
NOT that the archive bit on every file is set.

The problem appears to be random; at least I can't seem to find a common
thread. The problem first appeared after I upgraded my netware servers
from nw5.1 to 6.5; it happens on my sp3 and sp4a servers.

I haven't contacted Veritas yet, but that will be my next step if no one
has any ideas. PLEASE help if you know of a solution to this problem -
backup tapes are really expensive!

Thanks in advance,