I'm running NW6.5SP4 along with ArcServe r11.1. I just recently created
a rotation backup job for the server and it has created the first full
backup tape and a few incremental tapes without incident. However, it
got to Friday when it was suppose to do a full backup and it has been
abending since. The server asks for a blank tape and I put it into the
drive. After it backups up for awhile, a long beep comes from the
server and the server reboots. The server comes back up and asks for a
blank tape for the same job (the Friday job) again. I load another
blank tape in and same thing happens. However, I have never noticed it
as I was never at the site and I just load the tape in and leave.

Today, I've been sitting here while it's running and it's when I
noticed it. So, the second time I've loaded the tape today, it backed
up a bit and then just restarted without the long beep. I checked HP's
Log Viewer and I see that this last time, it detected a CPU hog by
FSTape. The other abends before that was: Fatal Exception: Double Fault
Running Process: OWCIMOMD.NLM's main thread EIP: 113A15h. The abend log
only has information on the most recent abend (the FSTAPE one). So, I'm
suspecting that the server didn't even have a chance of writing to the
abend log before the server restarted. Anybody have any ideas on why
this is happening? Is there a patch that I am missing or need to
install? Any suggestions, ideas, or advices are greatly appreciated.
Thanx in advance.