I'd be grateful for any pointers towards solving this problem which
has been driving me insane over the past week or so.

Arcserve 11.1 (Running on Netware 6.5 SP4) startup stalls at loading
Tapesvr. The following message appears in the arcserve runtime message

CSLOADER.NLM: Module sys:\arcserve\nlm\tapesvr.nlm did not load.
Please switch to the console screen for more information.

The console screen (or logger) doesn't give any further information.
Neither does any of the arcserve log files. At this point if I do an
ASTOP or a RESTART SERVER the console hangs and the only way forward
is to power the server off and on again.

I have tried a new installation to a separate directory with no luck.
I have back reved to btrieve 7.9 - no luck. I have installed the
QO73145 device support update again no luck.

The fact that a new install comes up with the same problem makes me
think the problem is Netware based but what could it be? The funny
thing is that Tapesvr is listed as a loaded module and the logger
shows UNIDMSVR.NLM loading with status OK after Tapesvr.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


Eamonn O'Hagan

Eamonn O'Hagan
School of Medicine
The Queen's University of Belfast